Thus says the Lord: "Stand in the ways and see, and ask about the eternal pathways of the Lord.  See what the good way is and walk in it.  Here you will find purification for your souls."  (Jeremiah 6:16)

Apostolic Christianity for the 21st Century

Welcome to our website!  We are the only Orthodox parish in 100 miles serving the Tri-State area around Quincy, Illinois, bearing witness to the fulness of the Christian Faith once delivered by the Apostles.

Finding us, right now, is not that hard. We are currently meeting at Quincy University in the main chapel connected to Francis Hall. Directions follow.

From North 18th street, you will find the Quincy University campus. It isn't far off Broadway. 

Most people should park in Lot B; that's located at about 600 N. 18th. The chapel is behind the older buildings just to the north of the parking lot. The chapel is connected to Francis Hall. There are signs in front of each building. It is the center building, Francis Hall. Look for the sign outside that says "Chapel", then come up the stairs and in that front door.  Once inside the door, there are more steps, then you cross a hall, going past the University receptionist desk, and up another flight of stairs into the chapel. 

Should you require handicapped access to the chapel, forget about parking in LOT B. Continue to LOT F which is behind the chapel, about a block from LOT B. Drive around, passing under the overhead walkway bridge which connects Francis Hall to Friars Hall, and park in one of the several handicapped parking places. Enter the door for Francis Hall. Go towards the vending machines. The elevator is to your left, across from the vending machines. Take the elevator to level C1 (Chapel 1).  Should that exterior door of Francis Hall not be open, which is unlikely, just call campus security at the number posted on the door. Tell them that you need the handicapped door at Francis Hall unlocked because you are there for the Orthodox Services. 

No, we're not really hard to find. And this space is accessible to those with mobility issues. 

If you are an Orthodox Christian living in the area, we hope to see you soon.  If you are searching for the purity of the Apostolic Faith in a world where the meaning of "Christian" seems to change every year and churches are constantly reinventing themselves according to the latest fad, come and see for yourself what Eastern Orthodox Christianity is all about, where we unswervingly hold to the faith "once-for-all delivered to the saints" as we have for nearly 2000 years.

Founded on January 1, 2004, we are a mission parish of the Diocese of Chicago and the Midwest of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), under the omophor of His Grace, Bishop Paul. As of 29 May 2016, we have moved, temporarily, while we look for a more permanent home for the mission, to Quincy University's main chapel at 1800 College Avenue, Quincy IL.  It is a beautiful place. But it is temporary shared space while we search for a more permanent location for the mission.  

If you have never been to an Orthodox service and know little or nothing about the Eastern Orthodox Church, do pay us a visit and get some first-hand knowledge for yourself. If you are an Orthodox Christian living in the Tri-State area and do not regularly attend services elsewhere, we hope you will pay us a visit soon, as we are your local parish and have been planted here to serve you.